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Benefits of Mainland Account

  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Hassle-free Fund Transfers
  • Loan Facilities/ Credit Facilities, etc.

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What is Mainland Business Account in UAE?

Mainland Account is a type of business bank account in UAE that helps the owners of the business to track their expenses and manage their funds. This type of account is different from personal bank accounts as it is for businesses in the UAE.

Business accounts in the UAE are used for tracing the money owed to the business as well as creditors, cash balance, and payroll given to the employees. There are 3 types of Business Setup in UAE, and each of them is required to open a different type of corporate bank account. Apart from Mainland Bank, We provide assistance for Freezone Company Bank Account openingOffshore Business Account.  Here we are going to discuss the procedure to open Mainland Account in UAE.

Mainland Accounts are open for companies incorporated that derive its license from the Department of Economic Development (DED). It opens up business opportunities in the local markets of the UAE to perform business activities in the regional market without any limitations.

Documents required for corporate bank account opening in Dubai

Following list of documents are required for opening Corporate Bank Account for UAE Mainland-

Basic Documents

  • Trade License
  • Memorandum Of Association (All)
  • Passport, Visa & Emirates Id of all partners (if applicable)
  • Office tenancy or Ejari contract (Physical office)

Supporting Documents

  • 6 months bank statement (Personal/company from UAE/Home country.)
  • Utility Bills as address proof (for certain nationalities)
  • VAT Certificate (if applicable)
  • Business model/company profile/ Website
  • Customer Profile (CV) of signatory
  • Name of existing or prospective clients (suppliers/buyers)
  • Debit & Credit Invoices


All basic documents are mandatory. Supporting documents are as per business profile.

Advantages of opening Mainland account in UAE

Advantages of having Mainland Account are as follows-

Debit and Credit Card Facility

Most of the banks in the UAE, offer free debit/credit card facility with the mainland bank account. The account holder can use these cards for retrieving their funds. Besides, they can also make withdrawals, but within the specified limit set by the concerned bank.

Cheque Book Facility

A lot of banks in the UAE offer the facility of cheque book to the account holder for creating easy transactions.

Flexible Funds Transfer

The account holder can easily transfer their funds using these bank accounts. The concerned bank provides net banking or mobile banking services.

Loan or Credit Facility

The account holder has the facility to access various types of loans provided by the concerned bank.

Competitive interest or profit rate

The banks in the UAE offer competitive rates of interest or profit rates on the amount deposited with the concerned bank. This interest rate is a type of earning for the account holder and can act as a savings for the business.

24/7 Customer Service

The banks or financial institutions in the UAE offer 24/7 customer service to the account holders. They effectively and efficiently resolve the issues as well as queries.

Eligibility Requirements for corporate bank account opening in Dubai

Wondering how to open bank account in UAE! Check out the Eligibility Criteria for best business bank account in UAE

  • You should have a valid passport with the UAE entry page.
  • Applicant's personal profile – CV
  • Latest Utility bill
  • Required an original reference letter of an applicant from the company or personal bank account, either in the country or anywhere in the globe.
  • Latest six months bank statement
  • Information on the incoming funds' source
  • Most of the banks in the UAE require a minimum monthly average balance for opening a bank account in Dubai. The needs differ from bank to bank.

Why company bank account opening in UAE preferable by the Banks?

Bank easily opens Mainland Account because of the following reasons-

  • Mainland Companies have Proper Offices and it is easy for bank to have a physical verification for the same.
  • Account Maintenance & VAT filing
  • Mainly given to the local businesses
  • One can easily trace buyers as well as suppliers

Frequently Asked Questions

Opening of Mainland Account in UAE is preferable by the banks or financial institutions of United Arab Emirates due to many reasons explained in the above context.

A mainland company is also stated as an onshore company that is licensed by the Department of Economic Development of the associated emirate that allows the business activities in the local market or outside United Arab Emirates without any restriction.

It usually takes 2days to2 months’ time to open a Business Account in UAE depending upon the requirements of the Bank as well as the Customers.

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