Business Setup Services for Ajman Media City Freezone, UAE

The Ajman Media City Free Zone (AMCFZ) was established in 2018 with the goal of transforming the emirate of Ajman into a worldwide commercial centre as part of the ‘Ajman 2021' plan. The plan is structured into three essential pillars: a better place to live, outstanding administration, and a green economy, with 21 indices and strategic objectives. Connect with Dhanguard to know more about setting up a company.

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Business Setup in Ajman Media City Freezone 

Table of Contents

    • Types of Legal Entities Registered under Ajman Media City
    • Types of Business Setup Packages Offered by Ajman Media City Freezone
    • How will Dhanguard help you?

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Overview of Ajman Media City Free zone

The Ajman Media City Free Zone is the UAE's newest and fastest-growing freezone. The Ajman Media City Free Zone (AMCFZ) was established in 2018 with the primary purpose of attracting businesses from the media, entertainment, and technology industries. For entrepreneurs and professionals, the Free Zone offers low-cost business creation options with quick turnaround times.

When many of us think of the UAE, Ajman may not be the first emirate that comes to mind. The little emirate, on the other hand, has a lot to offer and is more than capable of competing with its more well-known neighbours as a place to do business.

Ajman, like the rest of the Emirates, is quite open for business, embracing multinational businesses from all over the world. Because it is so well connected by land, air, and sea, the emirate is particularly ideally suited to firms in the import and export trade.

Ajman is also close to two international airports, Dubai International Airport and Sharjah Airport, as well as four significant seaports, including Ajman Port, Port Khalid, Port Rashid, and Khorfakkan Port. Ajman has excellent connections to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran, Bahrain, Europe, and Kuwait, in addition to the UAE.

The free zone's main concentration, as its name suggests, is the creative sector. The government of Ajman hopes to attract established and new age media enterprises from across the area and beyond, thanks to the success of Dubai Media City and other media-specific zones in the UAE. It has formed deals with regional powerhouses in India and the Greater Middle East from the start.

Features of Starting Business in Ajman Media City Freezone

One of the few jurisdictions that can provide a licence within 24 hours is Ajman Media City Free Zone. It wants to be the United Arab Emirates' most customer-centric and flexible free zone. Its social media influencer package is the most cost-effective in the UAE, starting at just AED 2500.

Small and medium businesses can choose from a commercial activities package (up to five activities for import and export), a service activities package (up to five activities for service providers), and a range of commercial space alternatives in the free zone.

The Features are as follows-

Features of Starting Business in Ajman Media City

  • A variety of business solutions with a shared office are available.
  • The presence of the business owner is not required.
  • The registration process is simple.
  • There is no need for a letter of authorization.
  • Within a day, a licence will be granted.
  • The company is entirely owned by foreigners.
  • Capital and profits are fully repatriated.
Types of License available in Ajman Media City Freezone

The following licences are available in the Ajman Media City Free Zone:

  1. Commercial License
  2. Professional License.

Types of Legal Entities Registered under Ajman Media City

Establishment of a Free Zone (FZE)

Entrepreneurs can form a firm in the Ajman Media City Free Zone that is owned by a single shareholder under the Free Zone Establishment category.

Setup of a Free Zone Company (FZCO)

Business people in the AMCFZ favour the setup of a Free Zone Company (FZCO) above other types of company formation. The biggest advantage of this sort of business structure is that it only requires two stockholders.

This is one of the most popular business structures, and it requires at least two shareholders, who might be individuals or corporations.

A Foreign Company's Branch

Companies with a presence outside the UAE can open a branch in one of the free zones. Such enterprises can benefit from the UAE's dynamic business scene by establishing a branch office in the AMCFZ.

A branch of a corporation based in the United Arab Emirates

This is a great approach to start a business if you already have a presence in the UAE. AMCFZ enables UAE businesses to expand by allowing them to open a branch in the Ajman Media City Free Zone.

Types of Business Setup Packages Offered by Ajman Media City Freezone

The Ajman Media City Free Zone offers a variety of packages for entrepreneurs looking to start a business. The packages are created based on the needs of the business and the available office space. The following are the most popular AMCFZ company formation packages:

Types of Business Set-up Packages

Package for the Business Club

The Business Club Package is defined by AMCFZ as a shared workplace that gives business owners a set amount of time each month. Companies incorporated in the business centre as part of this package will be eligible for a free zone status, but not for a visa.

Package Bronze

The Bronze Package includes a shared permanent office in AMCFZ's cutting-edge facilities. Companies that are founded under this business package will be eligible for a single visa and will be classified as free zones.

Package of Silver

The firm owners will receive a shared permanent office if they choose this type of business setup. Companies formed under the Silver Package will be eligible for two visas and will be classified as a free zone.

Package Silver Plus

Business owners can secure a shared permanent office with three visas and free zone status at the AMCFZ.

Package Gold

The Gold Package includes an executive office in the AMCFZ, as well as the ability to apply for five visas and free zone status. VAT, Innovation Fee, and Company Name Approval are all included in the bundle.

Package for Social Media Influencers

This package is for bloggers and social media influencers who are critical in helping business or brands expand through their marketing methods. According to the new UAE legislation, social media influencers must operate through a formal firm. Influencers must receive clearance from the National Media Council. Ajman Media City, which has partnered with the National Media Council, will assist influencers in forming their company and obtaining the necessary approvals to conduct business in accordance with UAE legislation.

Package Platinum

This is also known as the Ajman Media City Free Zone's tailored package. This is the ideal option for firms who want more than 5 visas and a larger office space than the standard option. The price of the platinum package varies depending on the needs.

How will Dhanguard help you?

In general, establishing a business in the Ajman Media City Free Zone is a painless process. However, seeking the advice of a seasoned business consultant is essential for avoiding mistakes during the company creation process. Dhanguard has a highly qualified and experienced staff of advisors who can assist you with company formation services such as business registration, paperwork processing, and trademark registration. Our business advisors will help you with all aspect of company formation, from legal document creation and management to negotiating with authorities on your behalf, as well as initial application/registration and visa and licence processing.

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