Sharjah Media City Freezone

Sharjah Media City (Shams) is only 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport and five minutes from Sharjah International Airport. Shams grants licences for service, trading, and manufacturing. It accepts approximately 200 different types of businesses, ranging from bookkeeping and auditing to publishing and wholesale. Dhanguard will give you with a hassle-free service, click on Contact Us below.

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Business Setup in Sharjah Media City Freezone 

Table of Contents

    • Types of Legal Entities Registered under SHAMS
    • Why one should Start a business in SHAMS?
    • Office Space for a Shams Free Zone Company
    • In what ways are media companies expanding in the UAE?
    • How Dhanguard will assist you?

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Overview of Sharjah Media City Free Zone

Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) is a well-run and well-known Freezone in the Emirate of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. It provides business permits for a wide range of commercial activities at extremely low costs. Within a short period of time, this Freezone's fame has spread across borders, and it now houses businesses from over 160 nations. SHAMS' headquarters are in Sharjah, and also maintains a branch office in Dubai to meet clients' immediate needs.

Shams free zone's mission is to provide a creative business environment for driven individuals, SMEs, and well-known enterprises to expand their operations locally and worldwide. Shams zone is a place of captivating innovation that brings clever people together.

Sharjah is known for its culture, modernity, and educational institutions. It is a preferred destination for business, tourists, and residents because to its world-class infrastructure, services, and amenities.

Features of Starting Business in SHAMS

Shams is a new free zone in the United Arab Emirates that offers unique and appealing amenities and benefits to start-up businesses. This is the ideal zone since it provides the benefits listed below.

  • The development of a corporation in the Shams Free Zone allows for 100% foreign ownership.
  • It has no income tax and has 0 percent import and export tariffs.
  • In this free zone, no physical appearance is required to start a business.
  • It has a flexible and simple approach for forming a company as well as obtaining a visa.
  • The cost of founding a business starts at AED 11,500.
  • In Shams FZ, no NOC is required for the Buildup Company.
  • It offers a completely free money transfer service.
  • The company documentation is quite quick, and it will be completed in two days.
  • There are no restrictions on hiring foreign workers.
Types of License in SHAMS

A licence is required for starting a business in Sharjah or any other emirate in the United Arab Emirates. For company formation, the Shams Free Zone offers the following licences:

Service License

Obtaining a service licence in Shams entitles investors to perform the services specified in the licence. The Shams Authority defines a service licence as one that has as its primary goal the rendering of services and the use of goods to offer those services. When investors engage with the top business setup consultants in Sharjah, obtaining a service licence in SHAMS is a simple process.

Trading License

Entrepreneurs who obtain a Trading License in SHAMS can engage in business operations such as selling items or importing and exporting items. The activities include products transport as well as wholesale and retail sales. The traders' licence also allows them to offer services related to the wholesale or retail selling of goods.

Industrial License

A business that engages in operations such as production, re-production, or packaging of goods requires an industrial licence. To commence their operations, manufacturing enterprises must first obtain an industrial licence in Shams. It is essential that you engage with the best business setup consultants in SHAMS to secure the licence as soon as possible.

Types of Legal Entities Registered under SHAMS

Investors must choose a legal structure for their firm when establishing a business in the UAE. Shams mostly offers two types of businesses to pick from. They are as follows:

Shams LLC

In Shams, foreign investors can form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) known as Shams LLC. Shams LLC is a stand-alone corporation with a structure that isolates the owners from the shareholders. The liabilities of a Shams LLC are the company's liabilities, not the shareholders' personal obligations. Furthermore, the assets are the company's assets, not the stockholders' personal assets. The investors can obtain a licence, register a business bank account, and even sponsor staff by forming a Shams LLC.

Shams Branch

Existing businesses can apply for a licence to open a branch in the Shams free zone. By establishing a branch in Shams, the parent firm can reap all of the branch's revenues, benefits, gains, and returns. Similarly, the branch's costs, expenditure, debts, and other obligations will be the same as the parent companies. Employees can be sponsored by the branch, and a corporate bank account can be opened. A local UAE company or a foreign corporation can open a branch.

Why one should Start a business in SHAMS?

Today's entrepreneurs are looking for workplace spaces that allow them more flexibility and mobility. Flexi desks and other flexible office options are available in UAE free zones to meet this requirement. Shams primarily offers four office space options for organisations, all of which are equipped with world-class amenities such as Wi-Fi, a printer, and a conference room. In Shams, investors can choose from four different types of office spaces.

Why do foreign investors flock to Sharjah to form a company in Shams? There is no single answer to this issue. The advantages are numerous, yet expressing them succinctly is difficult. However, the advantages of establishing a business in Shams can be summarised in the following list:

A Perfect Hub for Media Companies

When it comes to offering a supportive ecosystem for media investment, the UAE has been in the forefront. Ajman, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi are among the Emirates that have designated a free zone for the media business. Shams proved to be the ideal alternative for media firms because to the low cost and other perks that come with company formation in Sharjah. The investors have a perfect platform to expand their media business by starting the business formation procedure in Shams.

One hundred percent ownership

One of the main reasons why investors choose to establish businesses in UAE free zones is the possibility to own 100% of the company. Foreign investors can also start companies in Sharjah with 100 percent ownership in the Shams free zone. Foreign investors might benefit from entire repatriation of capital by starting the business setup procedure in Shams.

Setup a Business That Is Simple and Cost-Effective

In comparison to many other emirates in the UAE, the business environment in Sharjah is competitive, and Shams offers low-cost business establishment choices for entrepreneurs. Shams free zone offers a variety of low-cost company setup packages. In comparison to other free zones, the particular package for freelancers and e-commerce entrepreneurs is rather reasonable. In addition, forming a corporation in Shams takes only a few days. The time can be reduced even further if the investors apply through the top business setup experts in Shams.

Without a Physical Presence, Incorporate

From the comfort of their own homes, foreign investors can start a business in the Shams free zone. This is a significant advantage for entrepreneurs, as actual presence of investors is required in several other emirates as well as on the UAE mainland. Entrepreneurs can start the company registration procedure by sending their paperwork and applications from their home country to the recommended business establishment advisors in Sharjah.

A Wide Range of Commercial Activities

Due to the creative business activities offered, investors looking to create a company in Sharjah choose Shams as their preferred free zone. Shams provides a wide range of services, including e-commerce, manufacturing, advertising, arts & entertainment, general trading, financial services, real estate operations, education, telecommunications, accounting & bookkeeping, and more. Business setup experts in Shams can assist investors in selecting the appropriate activities.

Location is key

Shams is based in Sharjah, a developing emirate noted for its affordable living conditions and access to a skilled labour at competitive rates. Additionally, establishing a firm in one of Sharjah's free zones provides investors with the advantages of a strategic location between the E88 and E611 motorways.

Office Space for a Shams Free Zone Company

Companies incorporated in the Shams free zone are required to lease a workspace within the free zone. The Shams free zone offers a variety of working options. Company owners typically select a workspace based on the number of employees, visa requirements, and scope of activities. A Shams free zone company can choose from the following options for its workplace:

Dedicated Workspace

In a co-working facility, a dedicated desk is a dedicated workplace for your firm. You'll have access to WiFi, a printer, and a conference room with a dedicated desk.

Shared Workspace

This is a place that can be shared with other business owners on a flexible basis. WiFi and a printer are already setup on the communal desk. A meeting area is also available, similar to a dedicated desk. Small company entrepreneurs who want to build their professional network while running a firm will benefit from a shared desk.

Dedicated Workspace

This is a private office for your Shams free zone business. When not in use, these offices are private and can be secured. The dedicated office includes a variety of seating options. Dedicated offices might have a single desk or a group of desks, depending on the demands of the firm. In a dedicated office, WiFi and printers are already setup. The facility's general conference room is also available to business owners.

In what ways are media companies expanding in the UAE?

In the United Arab Emirates, there are two main ways to conduct business. One option is to form an onshore or mainland corporation in collaboration with a UAE national. The drawback is that it is expensive, subject to numerous rules, and foreign nationals cannot wholly own the company. The other, and more desirable, option is to establish a free zone firm. This solution is cost-effective, requires minimal compliance, and allows foreign nationals to own 100% of the company.

The UAE has a number of free zones that allow a variety of business operations under various company licences. Business owners assess the cost of setup, the free zone's reputation, and the free zone's purpose and objective while deciding on a free zone. It is always advantageous if the free zone's goal coincides with a company's main focus. Many businesses find it challenging to locate a tax-free zone. Surprisingly, media companies have it rather easy. In the United Arab Emirates, there is an entire free zone dedicated to making it easier for media enterprises to start up, operate, and develop.

It's the Shams Free Zone, and it's the go-to free zone for media entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their firms.

Here are some ways that Shams Free Zone's concentrated approach can help any media company grow:

Set-up Costs are Reduced

Although Shams Free Zone is one of the most cost-effective free zones, it is even more cost-effective for media companies. A corporation can be set up for a media licence at Shams free zone.

Starting a Freelance Business

For freelancers planning to conduct media operations, the Shams free zone provides unique packages at reduced charges. The cost of company formation and licencing, office leasing, one (1) visa allocation, immigration card, and e-channel registration are all included in these unique packages.

Business Form

Shams Free Zone enables the formation of new media businesses as well as the extension of current media businesses.

You can form a limited liability company in the Shams Free Zone if you want to establish a new business (LLC). The advantage is that your responsibility to the company will be limited to your investment in the company and nothing more.

Media companies with a presence in or outside of the UAE that want to expand there can open a branch office in the Shams Free Zone. This, in our opinion, is the simplest method for media companies to develop, particularly in a media-friendly government.

Film Commission and Special Facilities

Shams Free Zone is putting in place special facilities to cater to media companies by creating a stimulating environment. Shams Free Zone is also developing a 'influencers platform,' which will serve as a digital marketplace for firms and social media influencers to collaborate on promotional efforts.

By establishing its own Shams Film Commission, Shams Free Zone hopes to become one of the most popular filming locations in the world. Shams Free Zone will be able to turn Sharjah's stunning landscape into camera-friendly sights in this way.

Seminars and Workshops

For its businesses, Shams Free Zone is recognised for hosting conferences, seminars, and exhibitions. This broadens the perspectives of business owners by increasing their understanding of how to conduct business in a free zone. There are workshops specifically developed for media companies. Workshops in photography, film, and cinematography are among them. Seminars with specialists from the media sector are also held on a regular basis.

How Dhanguard will assist you?

Shams is one of the newest additions to the UAE's more than forty free zones, but it has made significant progress in just a few years. By providing world-class facilities and economical licencing choices, Shams aims to make Sharjah an ideal destination for the creative and media industries. Companies from a number of other industries, particularly e-commerce and the service industry, are also housed in the free zone. Investors can start the process of establishing a business in Shams at a low cost and without having to be physically there.

The ease with which a business can be set up is a huge benefit, but investors who are unfamiliar with the laws and regulations may run into difficulties. In such instances, the advice of experienced Sharjah business setup consultants like Dhanguard is crucial. We provide Sharjah-based business setup advising. Our team is well-versed in labour and immigration rules, and with their help, the incorporation procedure is made simple.

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