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Unlocking Opportunities: Your Guide to Investment Consultancy Business Setup in Dubai's Thriving Free Zones! Discover the Gateway to Success: Establish Your Investment Consultancy Business in Dubai's Free Zones. Explore Tax Benefits: Leverage Dubai's Attractive Tax Regulations for Investment Consultancy Firms. 100% Foreign Ownership: Learn How to Maintain Full Control of Your Business in Dubai's Free Zones. Thrive in Innovation: Join Dubai's Booming Investment Landscape with State-of-the-Art Infrastructure. Seamless Trade: Tap into Dubai's Strategic Location and Streamlined Customs Procedures. Expert Guidance: Navigate the Setup Process with Dhanguard !

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Business setup in UAE

Business Setup in Freezone


  • Fully owned by foreign investors
  • Financial incentives
  • 100% profit repatriation
  • Exemption from Corporate Tax
  • Exemption from Value Added Tax
Business Setup in Mainland

100% Foreign Ownership


  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Trade anywhere in the UAE
  • No currency restrictions
  • Ease in Visa Processing
  • Repartition of capitals and profits
Business Setup in Offshore Company


  • A stable and encouraging legal framework
  • A flexible regulatory environment
  • Tax impartiality
  • A global marketplace portal
  • Access to international funds

Investment Consultancy Business Setup in Dubai Freezones: A Comprehensive Guide

Dubai, known as the financial hub of the Middle East, has emerged as a prime destination for businesses seeking a strategic base in a thriving economy. One sector that has witnessed significant growth is investment consultancy. This article will delve into the intricacies of setting up an investment consultancy business in Dubai's freezones, highlighting the advantages of choosing Dhanguard for a seamless and successful business establishment. Beyond administrative tasks, We stand by your side as a guiding light, offering insights from years of experience. Our team is ready to tackle challenges head-on, offering practical solutions that pave the way for your success. With Us, you can be confident that your business aspirations in the UAE will be met with unwavering support, proficiency, and an unwavering commitment to your growth.

What is a Freezone?

A designated region within a nation that grants exclusive business benefits to local and international companies is commonly known as a freezone, also referred to as a free trade zone or economic zone. Typically established to stimulate economic growth, attract overseas investments, and ease global commerce, these zones operate under distinct regulations separate from the rest of the country. Such areas often offer enticing advantages like tax incentives, complete foreign ownership rights for businesses, simplified customs procedures, and streamlined administrative processes. Concentrating on specific sectors such as technology, finance, healthcare, media, and more allows these zones to provide an environment conducive to thriving businesses within those industries. Freezones play a critical role in nurturing innovation while generating employment opportunities and contributing significantly to regional or national economic advancement by reducing barriers for enterprises operating within them.

Why Dubai Freezones for Investment Consultancy Business Setup?

Establishing an Investment Consultancy Business in Dubai's free zones presents a range of compelling reasons for entrepreneurs seeking a strategic advantage in the global market. Dubai's free zones offer an enticing combination of strategic location, business-friendly regulations, and unparalleled opportunities. The city's centrality connects businesses to needs across continents, facilitating efficient outreach to a diverse clientele. The freedom of 100% foreign ownership within free zones empowers entrepreneurs to maintain complete control over their ventures while tax benefits, including exemptions, amplify profitability. Dubai's cutting-edge infrastructure, including modern office spaces and advanced communication networks, sets a sophisticated backdrop for conducting consultancy services. The city's vibrant ecosystem promotes networking, providing avenues to forge crucial partnerships, secure clients, and access investment prospects. Moreover, Dubai's specialization in sector-specific freezones, such as finance and technology, ensures tailored support for niche consultancy areas. With streamlined processes and Dubai's renowned reputation, setting up an Investment Consultancy Business in the city's freezones offers a transformative platform to thrive amidst global competition, leveraging its strategic advantages, cultural diversity, and exceptional business ecosystem.

Here's why setting up your investment consultancy business in a Dubai freezone is a prudent choice:

100% Foreign Ownership: 

Freezones in Dubai offer foreign investors the advantage of 100% ownership of their businesses, providing unparalleled control over operations and decision-making.

Tax Benefits: 

One of the most attractive features of Dubai's freezones is the absence of corporate and personal taxes for a specified period, significantly enhancing investment ventures profitability.

Strategic Location: 

Dubai offers excellent connectivity to global markets, making it an ideal base for investment consultancy firms to cater to clients across continents.

Infrastructure and Facilities: 

The freezones boast state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced technology, and world-class facilities, creating an environment conducive to business growth.

Simplified Procedures: 

Setting up a business in a Dubai freezone involves streamlined procedures, allowing entrepreneurs to expedite the process and commence operations promptly.

Choosing the Right Free Zone

Selecting the appropriate free zone is crucial for the success of your investment consultancy business. Each freezone has specific regulations, costs, and focus areas. 

Here are a few free zones in Dubai that are generally well-regarded for business setup, including Investment Consultancy:

  1. Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC): Known as a significant financial hub, DIFC offers a business-friendly environment for financial and professional services, making it suitable for investment consultancy businesses. It has a comprehensive regulatory framework and a sophisticated ecosystem.

  2. Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP): DKP might be a good fit if your investment consultancy business involves education and training services. It's designed for education, training, human resource development, and consultancy companies.

  3. Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO): DSO could benefit if your investment consultancy involves technology and innovation. It's a tech-focused free zone with infrastructure and services catering to technology-related businesses.

  4. Dubai Media City (DMC) and Dubai Internet City (DIC): If you plan to offer investment consultancy services to media or tech companies, these two free zones might be suitable. DMC specializes in media and communication, while DIC is focused on technology and ICT.

  5. Dubai South Free Zone: Positioned near the Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai South offers facilities for various industries, including logistics, aviation, and professional services.

  6. Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA): Although not directly focused on consultancy, JAFZA is one of Dubai's oldest and largest free zones, accommodating a wide range of industries. It might be worth exploring if you're looking for a versatile environment.

  7. Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC): While primarily known for the commodities sector, DMCC is open to various types of businesses. This might be a suitable option if your investment consultancy deals with commodities trading.

When choosing a freezone, it's essential to consider factors like location, target clients, infrastructure, regulations, and cost. Additionally, regulations and business environments can change, and Dhanguard will provide you with the most current and tailored advice.

Steps to Establish an Investment Consultancy Business in Dubai Freezones:

The following the procedure to setup an Investment Consultancy Business:

Market Research: 

Conduct thorough market research to understand Dubai's demand for investment consultancy services and identify your target audience.

Business Plan: 

Develop a comprehensive business plan outlining your services, target market, competitive analysis, and financial projections.

Choose a Freezone: 

Select a suitable freezone in Dubai based on your business requirements, considering factors like industry focus, facilities, and proximity to clients.

Legal Structure: 

Choose an appropriate legal structure for your investment consultancy business, such as a Free Zone Company (FZC) or a Free Zone Establishment (FZE).

Company Name and Licensing: 

Reserve a unique business name and apply for the licenses from the chosen free zone's authorities.


Complete the registration process, obtain the required licenses, and fulfil all legal formalities.

Bank Account: 

Open a corporate bank account in Dubai to facilitate smooth financial transactions.

Dhanguard is your invaluable partner in setting up your business in the UAE. With a deep understanding of the local business landscape and regulations, Dhanguard is poised to provide comprehensive assistance at every step of your entrepreneurial journey. From navigating the intricacies of licensing and legal requirements to helping you identify the most suitable business structure, Dhanguard's expertise ensures a smooth and efficient setup process.

Why Choose Dhanguard for Investment Consultancy Business Setup in Dubai Freezones?

Expertise and Experience: 

Dhanguard boasts a team of seasoned experts with extensive experience facilitating business setups in Dubai's freezones. We possess in-depth knowledge of local regulations and procedures, ensuring a hassle-free process.

Tailored Solutions:

Recognizing that each investment consultancy business is unique, we provide customized solutions that align with your needs and goals. From legal structuring to licensing, our approach is tailored to optimize your success.

End-to-End Support: 

We offer comprehensive end-to-end support, guiding you through every step of the setup process. This includes market analysis, business planning, legal documentation, and operational setup.

Networking Opportunities: 

Our established presence in the Dubai business ecosystem allows us to offer valuable networking opportunities, connecting you with potential clients, partners, and collaborators.

Time and Cost Efficiency: 

Leveraging our expertise, we ensure that the setup process is efficient, saving you time, effort, and unnecessary expenses. We understand the importance of a quick and cost-effective launch.

Compliance Assurance:

Navigating the regulatory landscape can be complex. Dhanguard ensures strict adherence to all legal and regulatory requirements, safeguarding your investment and reputation.

Setting up an investment consultancy business in Dubai's freezones is a strategic move that offers numerous advantages, including favourable tax incentives, 100% foreign ownership, and a conducive business environment. By choosing Dhanguard, you can tap into our expertise, experience, and comprehensive support to establish your business seamlessly. Dubai's thriving economy and our tailored guidance present a winning combination for a successful investment consultancy venture.