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Opening a Freezone Business Account in UAE is a complex procedure and having a Freezone Business Account is also necessary. Sit back and relax, Dhanguard is here to help and direct you.

Minimal Documentation required:

  • Bank Statements
  • Resume of holder
  • Corporate Documents, etc.

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To manage transactions and other financial concerns, a freezone enterprise needs a business account. Opening a business account for a free zone firm may seem like a difficult operation, but with the right advice, it becomes simple and painless.

Although account opening is not simple, the expert team of consultants at Dhanguard  in Dubai will help you to open a business account for your freezone company. Banks in the United Arab Emirates are among the most reputable organizations in the area. Even if the rules differ from bank to bank, obtaining a business account for a freezone company is a difficult, time consuming job that also requires a significant amount of documentation. 

All of the common banking services are offered by the banks, such as deposit, current, and savings accounts. It is critical to note that each bank has its own procedures for opening free zone business accounts for business purposes. It takes time to complete all of the required application stages for opening a freezone business account. Thus today Dhanguard will shed light on the topic of opening a freezone business account for your company and will walk you through the entire process of creating a business account in Dubai for your freezone company. So let’s get started!

Along with providing expert solutions in the initiation of a Freezone Business Account, Dhanguard also provides full assistance in the opening of Mainland as well as Offshore business account in the UAE. You can avail our exemplary services by visiting our Branch Office where our team will at your behest, provide the best guidance the money can buy. 

What is a Freezone Business Account in the UAE?

The UAE free zone company business account is designed, keeping in mind to provide best use to business organizations. The purpose is to make it easier for the investor to maintain track of their business dealings. 

  • It also enables the owner to distinguish between personal and professional transactions.

  • The investor would be able to more easily track business spending, determine their tax obligations, and manage cash flow if they had a free zone business account. 

  • It's crucial to locate a bank that provides the services most suited for your business. 

  • This is done so that you won't require any further help and that your bank can serve as a one-stop shop for all of your company's financial requirements.

What are the Documents required to open a Freezone Business Account in the UAE?

It's crucial to conduct the required research before opening a Free Zone business account to ensure a seamless process. 

The following are a few of the crucial documentation you'll require to create a business account in one of the numerous Freezones:

Basic Documents

  • Trade License
  • Share certificate
  • Memorandum Of Association/Article Of Association
  • Passport, Visa & Emirates Id of all partners (if applicable)
  • Office Tenancy (Physical office)

Supporting Documents

  • 6 months bank statement (Personal/company from UAE/Home country.)
  • Utility Bills as address proof
  • Business Model/company profile/ Website
  • Customer Profile (CV)
  • Name of existing or prospective clients (suppliers/buyers)
  • Invoices /Bill of Lading/Shipping documents/ Agreements/ Custom Clearance etc.

Requirements to open a Freezone Business Account in the UAE

The requirements to open a Freezone Business Account in the UAE are as follows-

  • The foreign entity would then proceed to have the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs certify all of the paperwork.

  • It is possible for a foreign organization to open a business account in the UAE. But using a local firm to incorporate in the UAE is frequently simpler and more affordable.

  • At the time the signed paperwork is submitted, all stockholders must be present in person.

  • The consulate of the emirate where the firm had been registered must certify all the essential documentation before foreign entities can open a freezone business account in Dubai.

Eligibility Criteria-

  1. On a handful of the transactions stated in the statement, invoices are utilized as proof.

  2. A letter of recommendation from the client's local bank.

  3. Legal documentation and the owner's ID were required for the company's formation in the UAE.

  4. Maintaining a low investment cost makes the procedure simpler.

  5. The owner is in possession of a visa from the UAE or, if the owner lives in an OPA, a resident visa.

  6. A bank statement for a mother company and a personal account covering the previous six months.

Why should you have a Freezone Business Account in the UAE?

The top reasons why you should opt for a Freezone Business Account in the UAE are enumerated below-

Keeping in check, your Expenses

Separating your personal and business expenses will be made easier if you have separate accounts for each. It is feasible to use your personal account for your business even though doing so is not advised. To identify and organize your spending in this manner would be very onerous, though.

Building the Trustworthiness of the Business

Having a business account in a free zone will unquestionably help you and your business appear more professional. It would be far more acceptable to have a company account rather than a personal account if a customer wanted to use checks.


Consider a scenario in which you have designated a different entity or person to handle your business dealings. To safeguard your privacy and keep track of business transactions, it would be a good idea to keep a separate business account in this situation.

Identity Protection

There is no question that a lot of transactions would be made by your company. The likelihood of having to deal with any fraudulent activity rises as a result. A freezone business account would help to both restrict your liabilities and secure your identity.

Transactions through Card

When it comes to payment methods today, credit card and debit card payments are greatly desired. Making sure your firm can accept this kind of payment will be crucial as your business expands. Customer credit card payments are only accepted for commercial business accounts; personal accounts are not accepted. This is one of the primary factors that make choosing a business business account the best option for businesses.

What are the features of a Freezone Business Account in the UAE?

The features of a Freezone Business Account are enumerated below-

  • Local currency can be deposited into Freezone business accounts.

  • Debit and credit cards are provided to businesses in free zones.

  • Companies operating in a free zone can accept payments from anywhere and use the funds locally.

  • VAT fees incurred during port to port transactions are not applied to companies operating in free zones. The business must register for VAT, nevertheless, if the products are sold within the UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

A freezone Company is a defined and remote land or setting, with a distinct tax, duties and imports administration, that is different from a central area. The main benefit of owning a freezone company is that as an emigrant, you can own the corporate activities 100% without wanting to give out any of its shares to other.

No, it is not possible to open any business bank account remotely with United Arab Emirates banks. It is a basic requirement of Central Bank that you are required to be present physically while opening your Freezone Account.

Freezone are essentially economical areas where goods and services can be traded, generally at privileged tax and customs rates.

There are total 37 Freezone in UAE.