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Businesses in Dubai that want to provide services must obtain a professional license. The Department of Economic Development (DED) can only grant the license. This license is only available to those with a professional degree and extensive experience in a particular field. In Dubai, business owners usually need help deciding whether to apply for a professional or commercial license. Several business endeavours in Dubai may qualify for professional and commercial licenses.

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Professional license in Dubai: All you need to know

The Department of Economic Development (DED) offers different licenses to various types of enterprises in Dubai. A commercial license is granted for trading activities, an industrial license is granted for manufacturing activities, and a professional license is granted to the companies for professional activities. Acquiring a professional license is pivotal for individuals and companies aiming to operate within the region's regulatory framework. These licenses, including the highly sought-after general trading and professional licenses, empower entrepreneurs, businesses, and professionals to conduct legal operations within their chosen industry sectors.

Trade License in Dubai

A trade license in Dubai is a fundamental requirement for businesses operating within the city. It's a legal document that permits companies to conduct various commercial activities, ensuring compliance with local regulations. Obtaining a trade license involves adhering to specific criteria set by the Department of Economic Development (DED). The process typically involves:

  • Determining the business activity.

  • Selecting a suitable company structure.

  • Securing a trade name.

  • Leasing appropriate premises.

  • Submitting necessary documentation.

The license type varies based on the business activity, such as commercial, industrial, or professional licenses. Compliance with local laws, payment of fees, and meeting all prerequisites are crucial in acquiring and maintaining a trade license, ensuring a smooth and legitimate operation within Dubai's vibrant business landscape.

General Trading License: For businesses engaged in import/export, wholesale, or retail trading, the general trading license is the key to exploring the vast potential of the UAE market. It grants the flexibility to operate across various product categories and expand your commercial footprint.

What is a Professional Licenses

This license is granted to individuals offering professional services in consulting, legal services, accounting, healthcare, and more. It ensures compliance with local regulations while allowing professionals to leverage their regional expertise.

The Essence Professional license

In Dubai, UAE, a professional license is a license that allows professionals to start a business in the Emirates. Unlike other trade license holders, a professional can do business in specific sectors: Carpentry, Artisanship, Consultancy services, Printing and Publishing, Beauty salons, Repair services, and so on. These are examples of professional license services in Dubai and the UAE.

In summary, a professional license authorizes a person or a single-ownership firm to engage in any profession in which they provide services based on intellectual or creative ability..

What is the Purpose of a Professional License?

The aim of a Professional License is evident from its name – indeed, it is intended for professionals and businesses that engage in professional or service-oriented activities. The license is granted to an individual or a company who wishes to demonstrate or provide their intellectual or artistic abilities. It may be a talent show in a specific trade or sector, such as artisanship.

To start a professional business that provides services to consumers in the UAE, you must first get a professional license. It might be a skilled training facility, an art center, or anything else. The license will indicate that you are formally permitted to carry out the activities above. Your company will also be included in the authority's paperwork. Furthermore, it will be helpful in any legal issues or disagreements.

Benefits of Obtaining a Professional License

The following are the advantages of having a professional license in the UAE:

Market Access

A professional license opens doors to the vast UAE market, providing legitimacy and credibility for businesses and professionals seeking to expand their operations.

Legal Compliance

Operating with a valid license ensures adherence to local laws and regulations, minimizing the risk of legal complications and fostering trust with clients and partners.

Business Growth

Having the proper license enables businesses to grow, attract investments, and explore diverse opportunities within the UAE's thriving economy.

Networking Opportunities

Being a part of the regulated sector enhances networking prospects, facilitating collaborations and partnerships with other licensed entities.

Enhanced Reputation

Holding a professional license elevates credibility, instilling confidence in clients and stakeholders, leading to increased brand reputation and recognition.

Facts about a Professional License

Regarding a foreign investor's ownership rights, a Professional License outperforms a Commercial and Industrial License. Foreign investors have 100% ownership of the company, making them eligible for a sole proprietorship. Professional licenses in the UAE are awarded after validating the applicant's educational eligibility and skill area. As a result, persons with insufficient qualifications are allowed to establish a professional firm in the UAE. The number of expats deciding to establish a professional company in Dubai/ UAE has increased dramatically in recent years. The optimal growth opportunities provided by one of the world's most modern cities, Dubai, have been the primary cause. Furthermore, the country's visionary government's supporting policies have resulted in winners.

The Department of Economic Development is responsible for processing and issuing Professional Licenses in Dubai and the UAE. For all of your Professional License requirements in Dubai, UAE, contact DED. Our expert team will be able to handle the request quickly and provide the professional license. We will also provide you with appropriate guidance to assist you in making sound judgments.

Documents Required for Obtaining a Professional License in Dubai

Duly completed application form Passport copy of the owner/partner Naturalization book of partner (copy) Expatriate partners require a letter of authorization(Not applicable if the companion has a Tourist/Visit Visa — a UID number suffices) The responsible authorities grant the Initial Approval based on the company's activity and operation.

You must submit your application to the DED with certificates and documentation showing your professional competence and expertise (if any). Before obtaining a professional license in the UAE, DED personnel will review the credentials and other documentation.

Initial Professional License approval

Prepare a detailed description of the business activity involved to receive preliminary approval for a professional license in Dubai. Assign a service representative to complete the official paperwork promptly and methodically. You can now seek prior permission from the Department of Economic Development (DED). Find and reserve an appropriate trade name for your company. Following the submission of documents, the DED grants final approval.

Professional License in Dubai – How Much Does It Cost?

In Dubai, the total cost of obtaining a Professional License ranges between AED 15,000 to AED 50,000. The cost of a professional license in Dubai may vary occasionally. The overall price includes different service costs, which are as follows.

  • Fees for Licensing

  • The service charge for administrative purposes

  • Agent commissions

  • Trade name fees

  • Market fee based on tenancy

  • Cultural fees levied by the government, etc.

Who must have a DED Professional License in Dubai?

In Dubai, commercial or business operations merely need a trade license. The DED has created an administrative framework that divides the various industries into license categories. Consequently, it offers improved regulatory and beneficial support. However, you must pick the appropriate trade license to establish your business in Dubai.

Furthermore, a business or person possessing trained skills is called a professional. In Dubai, the following people and businesses need a DED professional license:

  • Financial advisors, auditors, and accountants

  • Advertising Experts

  • Artists in Entertainment

  • Architectural Advisors

  • Education Professionals and Teachers

  • Advisors for Businesses

  • Attorneys and Advisors in Law

  • Representatives in Medicine

  • Carpentry and Handmade Crafts

  • Technical Services Advisors

  • Publishing and Printing

  • Web design and Internet services

  • Cosmetics Salons

  • Accounting Firms and Auditing Firms

  • Services for Information Technology

  • Management Advisory Services

  • Medical and Healthcare Services

This is the most widely used list outlining activities that require a professional license. Moreover, every Department of Economic Development office or website will have a lengthy list of activities covered by a professional license. To simplify matters, it's advisable to speak with a business setup firm that can assist you in determining which type of business license in Dubai will be most appropriate for your operation.

Why Dhanguard Stands Out

Dhanguard stands out as a premier firm specializing in facilitating the acquisition of professional licenses in Dubai and the UAE. Here's why partnering with Dhanguard for your licensing needs is a strategic move:

Expert Guidance

Our team comprises seasoned professionals well-versed in the intricacies of licensing procedures. We provide comprehensive guidance, ensuring a smooth and efficient application process.

Tailored Solutions

Understanding the unique needs of every client, Dhanguard offers personalized solutions, whether obtaining a general trading license or a specific professional license, catering to diverse industries.

Regulatory Compliance 

With Dhanguard, you can rest assured that your licensing process adheres strictly to regulatory requirements, minimizing delays and complications.

Efficiency and Timeliness 

We prioritize efficiency, streamlining the process to ensure the timely acquisition of licenses, enabling you to commence operations promptly.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment continues after obtaining the license. Dhanguard provides ongoing support and advisory services to navigate regulatory changes and operational challenges.

Seize Your Opportunity with Dhanguard

Acquiring a professional license in Dubai and the UAE is not merely a legal requirement but a strategic move towards sustainable growth and legitimacy. Dhanguard, with its expertise and dedication, stands ready to guide you through this crucial process, empowering you to thrive in the dynamic business landscape of the region.

Contact Dhanguard today and take the first step towards securing your professional future in Dubai and the UAE.

A professional license in the UAE is a permit issued to individuals allowing them to practice a specific profession or provide professional services within the country.

Anyone engaging in professional activities, such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountants, consultants, etc., needs a professional license to practice their profession in the UAE legally.

To obtain a professional license, individuals typically need to meet specific qualifications, provide the necessary documentation, apply through the relevant authorities or free zones, and comply with regulations set by the respective emirate.

Holding a professional license allows individuals to operate their businesses legally, open bank accounts, sponsor family visas, and participate in government and private sector tenders, among other benefits.

Yes, professional licenses typically require renewal annually or biennially. Renewal involves submitting updated documents and paying the necessary fees.

Yes, foreigners can obtain a professional license in the UAE through mainland authorities or by setting up specific free zones that allow full foreign ownership.

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