Compare Bank Accounts In Uae

In the UAE, you have the choice of selecting from a wide range of bank account alternatives. These solutions each have their own set of features and benefits for people. However, the selection procedure is successful when the best-suited characteristics are chosen.

When it comes to bank accounts, everyone's requirements are unique. As a result, selecting the best bank account becomes critical.

DhanGuard can assist you with this by providing a comprehensive list of bank accounts. Our network of famous UAE banks enables us to compile the best of the best options for you. Our selection provides alternatives in every imaginable category. So, whether you're concerned about transfer fees, incentives, monthly income limits, or other factors, we offer the proper account options for you.

For international investors looking for a certain bank, Dubai offers a plethora of possibilities. It is home to some of the world's largest banks, as well as a number of local and Islamic banks that provide a comprehensive range of financial solutions to meet the needs of every business. Banks play an important part in aiding a company's growth. Selecting a specific bank might be a time-consuming procedure, but it is equally crucial to find one that corresponds with your criteria, goals, ambitions, and hobbies.

Best Bank in Dubai, UAE offered by DhanGuard

DhanGuard provides a variety of bank account-related products. We present side-by-side comparisons to assist you in selecting the finest bank account in the UAE for you.

Compare Current Account

The most frequent type of bank account is a current account. A current account provides you with a number of options as well as simple access for maximum convenience and flexibility. Current accounts provide both financial and non-financial advantages, ensuring that you always have access to an account that meets your needs.

Compare SME Businesses Account

It might be difficult to open a business bank account. Some banks need substantial initial deposits, others have high minimum balance requirements, while still others do not provide internet banking at all. DhanGuard brings together the UAE's major commercial bank accounts on a single platform for simple comparison.

Compare Savings Account

Savings accounts allow you to receive interest on funds that you deposit. However, as the name implies, these accounts are intended for saving money. There is normally a limit to the number of withdrawals or transfers you may make every month, as well as a minimum balance requirement.

How to Compare Bank Accounts in Dubai, UAE?

Here a checklist that will help you to select and compare Best Banks in Dubai, UAE.

✔   Match your bank account to your way of life and income.

As previously stated, everyone's banking requirements are unique. And we assist you in obtaining such benefits through our services. We provide filterable lists of accounts that include all of the features you seek. As a result, it only takes a mouse click to get perks such as free cards, no salary transfer, internet banking, numerous currencies, and much more.

✔   Discover the account features of your favourite banks.

All of the main banks in the UAE are covered by our network. We show their characteristics and benefits to you so that you can simply choose an account for yourself. The search filter area allows you to locate account features from your favourite banks. You may select a bank and view all of the choices that fall under that bank.

✔   A Fast Method for Locating Bank Account Possibilities

Our platform's architecture makes comparison quick and easy. The search filter allows you to narrow down your search. Then, the visible list of alternatives displays extensive information about the bank accounts, such as the minimum amount, yearly return, currencies, features, and so on. You may discover additional information about each account product in the list if you like.

✔   Expert consultants are standing by to assist you.

We have a team of trained financial experts on staff. They become a huge aid when it comes to utilising DhanGuard and making the appropriate option when it comes to picking a bank account. Our consultants are accessible to you at any moment. You can chat with us or contact us by phone or email.

Types of Bank Accounts in Dubai, UAE

Before you decide to open a bank account, you should know which account kinds are available and whether there is any additional information you should be aware of.

While the UAE did not even have its own currency 40 years ago, it has now grown into a worldwide financial centre. In terms of assets, the UAE's banking industry is among the largest in the GCC area. It handles over US$700 billion in assets and approximately US$450 billion in deposits.

As a result, the UAE has a fantastic banking system that is well-known for its excellent customer service and global economic stability. Many successful entrepreneurs and overseas investors want to create a bank account in the United Arab Emirates.

Anyone who meets the legal requirements may open a bank account in the UAE. Accountholders can take advantage of a variety of perks, including:


Stability, security, and dependability

Convenient withdrawal and deposit of monies.

Attractive interest rates on deposits.

However, there are various limits on financial services and instruments for both residents and non-residents in the UAE that must be adhered to.

There are numerous sorts of bank accounts that hold funds on behalf of the consumer. The following are the many types of bank accounts accessible in the UAE.

Savings Accounts

Savings accounts are deposit accounts with a bank or financial institution that allow the accountholder to receive low interest rates (profit rates in case of Islamic Banks).

Withdrawals from a savings account may be restricted to a set number per month at the discretion of the bank or financial institution. In the case of a savings account, the accountholder is required to keep a particular average amount in the account each month. However, if the account has a zero balance in the UAE, this is not necessary. If they do not, they will be penalised if they do not keep this minimal amount.

How Does a Savings Account Work?

A savings bank account is often formed to hold monies that are not meant for regular or everyday spending. These accounts may have monthly transaction and withdrawal limitations. Accountholders get a substantial amount of interest (profit rate) on this deposit.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Savings Account?

The UAE savings account offers a variety of benefits to its members. Here are a few of these benefits.

Because the accountholder may receive interest, it is often more advantageous for them to put their unused funds in a savings bank account, allowing their money to grow.

A savings account, along with cash or demand accounts, is one of the most liquid types of assets.

It is simple to obtain cash from a savings account.

Current Account

Current bank accounts in the UAE are quite popular among corporations, companies, businesspeople, and public entities that have a large volume of frequent transactions with financial institutions or banks.

Withdrawals, deposits, and contra transactions are all part of the current account. There is normally no restriction to the number of transactions that may be made in a month with these accounts.

What is the Function of a Current Account?

People in the UAE can open a current account with a variety of commercial banks. It is typically connected with massive daily transactions.

Because of the flexibility that this Dubai bank account provides, the accountholder does not often receive a higher interest rate on it. It may, however, differ from one bank to the next.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Current Account?

The UAE current account offers a variety of benefits to its members. Here are a few of these benefits.

A current account enables the orderly management of large volumes of payments and/or receipts.

There is no withdrawal limit (as per the discretion of the bank or financial institution). They (account holders) may, however, be charged cash transaction fees for these withdrawals.

This bank account is specifically created for company owners or entrepreneurs who want to handle their routine transactions easily while earning interest.

Fixed Deposit

A fixed deposit, often known as an FD, is a financial instrument supplied by financial institutions or banks that pays a high interest rate to the accountholder until the maturity date. In general, the interest rate (profit rate) given on fixed deposits is greater than the interest rate (profit rate) offered on savings accounts.

These accounts often have short maturities ranging from a few days to a few years. The accountholder cannot withdraw their money before the end of the period or the maturity date under this fixed-term investment. Premature withdrawals, however, may be permitted depending on the bank, subject to a significant fee.

What is the Process of a Fixed Deposit?

Fixed deposits are long-term deposits with a bank or financial organisation that pay a high interest rate. When the applicant opens a bank account online in the UAE, the period of the FD is predetermined.

In the case of fixed deposits, the money cannot be withdrawn whenever the accountholder desires. They only withdraw funds at the maturity or end of the contract. However, the accountholder may be able to withdraw the funds early to maturity by providing advance notification and incurring a portion of the pre-mature withdrawal penalty.

What Are the Perks of a Fixed Deposit?

The Fixed Deposit Account in the UAE provides a number of benefits for its customers. Here are a few of these benefits.

FD is one of the most secure financial or investment tools in the UAE, providing the accountholder with a high level of stability.

FDs offer guaranteed returns with no danger of principle loss.

Fixed Deposits often give a greater rate of interest (profit rate) than savings bank accounts in the UAE.

Business Accounts

Every firm need a technique for handling finances. Business accounts in the UAE are used to track money due to businesses and creditors, cash balances, and payroll supplied to employees, among other things.

What is the Process of Creating a Business Account?

This sort of bank account in UAE assists company owners in tracking spending, managing cash, and calculating tax responsibilities. This account is distinct from personal bank accounts in that it is designed particularly for businesses in the UAE.

What is the Purpose of Having a Bank Account in the UAE?

Of course, having a bank account in the UAE is not required by law. However, there are a variety of reasons why having one may be necessary. Accountholders are usually better equipped to control their spending and saving habits.

Bank statements, which are received on a regular basis, show where and when the cash were spent. This can help people with budgeting and future planning. Spending and saving intelligently can help people achieve their financial objectives.

Here are some of the reasons why a bank account is required in the UAE.

Making Things Easier

There must be persons who have attempted to pay large bills with cash rather than using the services provided by a bank account. Making payments in this manner might be a chore at times. Having the option of just writing a check may be a tremendous relief, especially for individuals who have had to rely on money orders or wire transfers in the past.

It is now quite simple to create a bank account online. Banks also provide a variety of other services, such as person-to-person payments, online direct transfers between accounts, and 24-hour account access, which has made consumers' life simpler.

Safeguarding the Funds

People used to hide their money under their beds in the past. Mattresses used to be able to guarantee the protection of money. This personal fortune can be destroyed by a single theft or a house fire.

There is, however, a more secure solution. People may deposit their cash safely with the bank by creating a bank account in Dubai. Banks have procedures in place to protect deposits, so that if something were to happen to the bank, the deposited funds would not be lost.

In order to Earn Interest

People who deposit money in bank accounts get a set amount of interest on their deposits. The interest on deposits might be considered income for the accountholder. It encourages them to save on a regular basis, which is unquestionably a good habit to develop at a young age.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Having a Bank Account in the UAE

Bank accounts in the UAE come with a variety of notable perks and features. Here are a few examples.

Acceptance of Debit and Credit Cards

Most banks in the UAE provide free debit/credit card services in addition to bank accounts. These cards can be used to get access to the accountholder's funds. Furthermore, they can make withdrawals, but only up to the limit set by the relevant bank.

Cheque Book Service

Many banks in the UAE provide account holders the use of a check book to facilitate their transactions.

Transfer of Variable Funds

The accountholder may effortlessly transfer monies from their bank account utilising the bank's online banking or mobile banking services.

Credit/Loan Facility

If the accountholder has a bank account in the UAE, they may simply use the facility of business, personal, vehicle, and other sorts of loans.

Interest/Profit Rates that are Competitive

The banks in the UAE provide attractive interest rates (profit rates in the case of Islamic banks) on deposits. This interest represents a profit for the accountholder and may be used to save money.

24/7 Customer Service

Banks and financial institutions in the UAE provide 24-hour customer support to accountholders. They successfully handle their problems and inquiries.

Criteria for Opening a Bank Account

To be eligible for the best bank account in UAE, the applicant must fulfil the fundamental eligibility criteria established by the bank. The following is a list of prerequisites for opening an account in the UAE.

Minimum Monthly Income

In order to apply for a bank account in the UAE, the applicant must have a specific minimum monthly income. This income threshold is set by the bank or financial institution in question.


The majority of banks only allow UAE citizens to open bank accounts with them. In order for their accounts to be opened, these applicants must provide appropriate proof of residency.

Age Requirement

In order to create a bank account, you must be at least 18 years old. In the UAE, the minimum age is usually 21 years. It may, however, differ from bank to bank or be decided solely at the discretion of the relevant bank.

Salary Transfer

Salary transfers are not required by all banks. Some banks, on the other hand, may only allow clients to create accounts if they transfer their pay to an account with them.

How Do I Open a Bank Account in the United Arab Emirates?

Obtaining a bank account is one of the most crucial things a person should do while in the UAE. Aside from assisting in wage receipt, it is a crucial prerequisite for handling day-to-day funds, routine transactions, and payments, and is, in reality, a basic requirement for financing the family.

In the UAE, the applicant has the option of selecting from a large number of Sharia-compliant or conventional, global or regional banks. They can choose a bank that is widely accessible (in terms of ATMs and branches), well-known, and has no hidden fees.

Typically, the applicant is given the choice of opening a savings account, a current account, a fixed deposit, a payroll account, or a business SMEs.

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