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The UAE's expanding economic success and rapid infrastructure development lure investors and SMEs to its borders on a regular basis. With the UAE's GDP turning a new page and the inflation rate stabilizing, the UAE's company setup industry is likely to see record-high investment in 2022. PROs develop to offer legal answers in a variety of government concerns, supporting corporations through cycles of procedural headaches in many sectors as the number of corporates in the UAE grows and new initiatives emerge. 

As a result, Dhanguard is a market leader in providing exceptional services and support to assist you with proper and sound Public Relations Assistance. Please take a few moments to read the information below, which has been painstakingly crafted by our experts to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date services.

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What is a Public Relations Officer?

Public Relations Officers, or PROs, are government-certified specialists tasked with establishing a line of communication between corporations and the government.

PROs are experts in keeping a firm hold on the legal, administrative, human resource, and financial elements of a business. Legal documents, business approvals, licence renewal, government reform implementation, and visa services for employees, dependents, and domestic workers are typically divided into distinct duties.

PRO Services in the United Arab Emirates:
What They Are and What They Can Do

Due to their connections across numerous government ministries and on-the-ground understanding of documentation and administrative processes in the UAE, Public Relations Officers are in high demand. PROs will become increasingly important as the UAE's economy grows and the number of options for company formation expands.

PROs ensure that these requirements are met with timely performed procedures and well maintained documents to avoid penalties. Delays in such procedures can result in the employee or the investor being deported, or the company's trade license being permanently revoked.

Services of Public Relations Officer on Corporate Level

Public relations officers create, implement, and evaluate information and communication tactics that portray a client's (individual or corporate) image and reputation. Their goal is to increase public awareness and support for clients, as well as impact public opinion and behavior among clients and other stakeholders. They also survey public opinion and advise their customers on various methods for communicating their public personas, including the use of various forms of media to reach their target audience.

  • Public relations officers might work for a company's in-house public relations department or as an account executive for a consultancy with a large customer base.
  • Every public relations officer serves as the 'face' of the company they represent in the media. This job is responsible for all aspects of public relations. This person may be called upon to act as a crisis manager on occasion. The PR manager organizes any unexpected situations that may arise (those that require media attention). It may be important to respond to questions, schedule interviews with media, and ensure that the company is portrayed in the best possible light.
  • Any significant discovery, product development, or major event is worthy of drawing local media attention. The public relations officer is in charge of distributing press releases to all local newspapers, radio stations, and television stations, among others. This person is responsible for holding press conferences and using the media to promote the corporation, university, or any other type of organization.

Other responsibilities include

  1. conceiving public relations techniques and campaigns
  2. writing and preparing press releases and presentations
  3. organizing and attending promotional events such as press conferences, open days, exhibitions, tours, and visits dealing with inquiries from the general public, the press, and relevant organizations
  4. speaking in front of an audience during interviews, press conferences, and presentations
  5. providing clients with updates on new promotional opportunities and the status of ongoing public relations efforts
  6. examining the media coverage
  7. conducting or commissioning relevant market research
  8. coordinating budgets, timelines, and objectives with clients, managers, and journalists

PR officers may also be needed to carry out additional, more general marketing activities, depending on their organization. Working on websites and social media, as well as writing and/or producing presentations, reports, articles, pamphlets, journals, and brochures for both external and internal dissemination, are all examples of this.

What are the advantages of a PRO?

  • If your organization is entering a pivotal period, with huge initiatives looming and a lot of news to generate, having an in-house pro can be beneficial.
  • Hiring a public relations professional should entail obtaining someone who has a lot of connections, has been networking for a long time, and is familiar with the media outlets you're looking to get coverage from.
  • A good public relations manager makes people talk about a firm or a person. They know how to weave a story that is both dramatic and captivating. However, the benefits and drawbacks of a public relations career boil down to relationships, and if your PR professional has a strong network and a keen eye for stories, they could be a fantastic choice.
  • Having a storyteller and newsmaker on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your brand may be quite beneficial during significant projects and launches.

How can Dhanguard Help?

Dhanguard provides top-tier PRO services in the UAE, including completely equipped packages for processing labour documents, immigration cards, ministry approvals, medical fitness tests, family residency visas, company license renewal, and other government attestation procedures. Our PROs have worked in a variety of industries and have assisted in the development of several businesses in the UAE. Furthermore, when dealing with legal papers, our PRO services provide you with complete privacy and the highest level of secrecy. To learn more about our PRO services, please contact us or visit our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

A public relations officer (PRO) is the person in charge of an organization's communications, public relations, and public affairs. The PRO is in charge of organizing and coordinating all PR events and media relations for an organization, with the support of his team.

Public relations professionals help individuals, groups, and organizations achieve and maintain a positive public image. They write press releases and create social media campaigns to influence public opinion of their clients and raise awareness of their work and objectives.